Ocean Salt 42lbs Delivered Price
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 SEAMIX® Ocean Salts ™ is the ideal low cost starting salt water solution for all marine fish and reef aquariums.

 SEAMIX® Ocean Salts™ when mixed with pure fresh water will produced an optically clear sea water working solution. Without undesirable residue and/or potentially hazardous unstable chemicle characteristics of heating up when hydrated.

 This fusion of high purity marine salts is comparable in ionic concentration to better classic European marine salt formulations. It is generally agreed to be superior to many standard US produced marine salt.

 Buidling a Super Reef Formula™ cannot be made at any cheaper than using SEAMIX® Ocean Salts™ & SEAMIX® Reef System™.

 When mixed to a specific gravity of 1.026 at 77F, the average solution contains approximately: Ca 330-350ppm. Alk. 7.75-8.0, Mg 1125-1200 ppm. All minor and trace elements are at comparable levels found in natural sea water.

 For marine fish only aquariums SEAMIX® Ocean Salts™ by itself works very well. This formulation is currently used in major public sea water displays & in large commercial marine fish & coral importers and wholesalers.

 For heavily shocked coral aquariums it is recommended that high purity & low cost SEAMIX® Calcium, Alkalinity and Magnesium and/or pH 8.4 buffer be used as needed.


Available in 10 gallon jar, 40 gallon pails and 150 gallon cartons.


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Ocean Salt 42lbs Delivered Price

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